Monday, May 02, 2005


Marcelo's resume

Marcelo A. Mendez
New York
Cell/Voice mail

I am an experienced producer/editor who can handle all phases of documentary and commercial work from pre-planning through post production. I am as comfortable in the studio as in the field where I have experience in film work on land, in the sea and in the air.

Production Manager at BronxNet Television, Bronx, New York, 2007-Present
Producer/editor for UNIVISION Network 2006
Trained as a camera operator for NBC NIGHTLY NEWS
Independent Documentary Filmmaker, THE EDGE, New York
200+ Live and Taped Programs as Technical Director, Public Access Television, Channel 71, serving North Shore, Long Island, 1994-2000
New Playwrights 2003 Camera/Editor working with Director Norman Hall
The Charlie Parker Festival 2001-2002camera editor- Sam Turvey
La Pelota Baseball in Cuba 2002 editor with Director St Claire Bourne

Independent Documentary Experience

“Exploration with Richard Weise” Series for ABC network (Litton Entretainment)
Moroccan “Mouseen of Tan Tan” invited by the King of Morocco
Magellan’s Lost Fleet 2002 (Producing and Shooting for The History Channel)
Easter Island Puzzle, 2000 (working with Lanseair Productions)
Baila Tango, 2001 (filmed partially at “Newyorikan Poets Café”)
Underground Rivers of the Yucatan (in progress) (working with Lanseair Productions), 2000
Cenote Sonata, 1999 (with Lanseair Productions)
Tangata Manu, 1999 (with Lanseair Productions)
Footage for CNN, Digital Ranch for The History Channel, Museum of Natural History, Explorers Club, Science Museum of Long Island, (working with Lanseair Productions)
Digging Fossils, 1993 (Science Museum of Long Island)
Chuanisin, La Tierra de la Abundancia, 1989 (Sur Producciones)
Reserva Ecologica Costanera Sur, 1989 (Wildlife Foundation of Argentina)

Explorations and Expeditions

Mexico 2005
Alaska 2005
Bermuda 2005
Morocco 2004
Yucatan Peninsula* 2000
Patagonia* 2000, 2002
Easter Island* 1997, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
South Dakota, Badlands* 1993
Staten Island, Argentina 1989
*Explorers Club Flag Expeditions

“Diving Staten Island” (Patagonia), Buzos, Diving Magazine published in Buenos
Aires, Argentina, 1989
Featured in New York Times Magazine September 12, 1999 focus on Explorers

Equipment Skills--Cameras, Software, Hardware:
PC & MAC based user of leading-edge graphics industry technology including:
· Matrox, DPS high end video/film editing and special effects
· Grass Valley Switchers, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, 3D Studio Max,
· Internet to IMAX resolution--Discreet (Autodesk),
· Video cameras/HDV, DVCAM 24p/ ARRI Group equipment—35 mm/16 SR3, Studio/ENG,
· non-linear video editing and compositing software—Speed Razor 7.0,
· audio and broadcast production, multimedia and Internet content development, remixing, and sound design--Avid technology,
· one system composition--Media 100 6.0 , Adobe After Effects 4.0, Adobe Photoshop 5.0 ,digital video
· digital audio editing tools--Sound Forge

Argentina and United States
Secondary School:
Villa Devoto School (English based)
Higher Education:
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Escuela Superior de Cinematografia
Rodolfo Hermida Instituto
Sindicato de Cine (Script writing)

Memberships, Board Positions, Honors
Fellow, Explorers Club, International, Headquarters in New York City
Board of Trustees, Science Museum of Long Island, Class of 2003
Folio Award, “Saving the Past for the Future”, Public Access Television, Ch 71, serving
North Shore, Long Island